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David Cooper, of Olathe, Kansas, has been painting scenes around his life's experiences on for 30 years. His paintings vary, reflecting a variety of interests. He has been participating in Kansas City Area plein air events and juried shows for the last twelve years, Hidden Glen Art Festival, Stems, Brush Creek Art Walk, Parkville and other group activities. His art is a unique visual experience recording way of life on canvas.

Painting in open air demands quick thinking and fast painting to capture the scene before the light changes. Color abounds in his paintings setting the dramatic recording of 20 minutes of lighting. He captures the moment of light masterfully combining and mixing colors to record a relatively short passage of time. His colorful work is created with small brush strokes overlaying layers of wet paint to create texture and depth, giving a relief effect. Using complementary colors he creates color vibration and energy in his work. His humor surfaces at times as he weaves subtle sarcasm into the scene he is painting.

Cooper’s paintings tend to vary in style based on the subject matter and material they are painted on. He views the world around him in a cheerful and colorful way and records a story of our landscape and social activities that are taken for granted and passed by unnoticed. Some of his work has been likened to Edward Hopper, Claude Monet, Maurice Prendergrast, and Vincent Van Gogh.

His artwork, originals and prints are listed internationally on line and can be purchased by visiting www.saatchiart.com.  In the search box type in David Cooper and in the scroll down box next to it change to Artist. The director of Saatchi Gallery in London, England, Rebecca Wilson, has recognized his work several times by including his art in special themed collections. Cooper's art has been showcased many times and featured in the websites headers.





Artwork is not a destiny but a life long journey of the inner self. My art has been described as living somewhere between reality and expression, contemporary and realism. I paint fast and without a duplicated procedure. My paintings evolve constantly, changing in form, technique and color; some ending with a pure impression and others more defined. The manipulation of shape and textures is an on-going process.


I was educated in the Armin Hoffman "Swiss Style" program of visual expression in the relationships of point, line, and shape. That discipline became the structure of evaluating artwork. An artist has to know themselves and be true to their unique capabilities. I am an extemporaneous painter. Painting is the adventure of exploration.


Art critics and judges looking at my body of work have stated I record present day American lifestyle.  The child in me possesses a creative mind, questioning the "what if" and trying to create a statement about everyday passage through life. I work minimal to detail sometimes using the same brush because it becomes comfortable.


There are times I love the original sketchy stage. Times I like detail and times I get frustrated and just meander around. Finally are times i am infatuated with the texture and glob on  paint.  I never knew when a painting was finished. I learned Its finished when there is nothing left to do. Sometimes it is the beginning rough in stage and others take up to 30 years.






Albrecht-Kemper Museum of Art May3-June 6, 2016

St. Joseph, MO




BFA Kansas City Art Institute.


Group Shows:

Mid America Art Alliance, KC MO

Rice Gallery, Leawood KS

Kansas City Art Institute

University of Missouri at Kansas City

Bruce R Watkins Gallery, KC MO

Overland Park Art Center

Rivers Bend Gallery, Parkville MO

Stems Plein Air Event Johnson County Botanical Gardens

KC Fountains Plein Air Event and Auction

Parkville in Art

Scenes of Olathe Art Walk

Brush Creek Art Walk

Hidden Glenn Art Festival

First Fridays, Crossroads, Kansas City, MO

Starbucks, Olathe KS, individual show

Albrecht-Kemper Museum, St. Joseph, MO

State of the Arts, Prairie Village, KS

Westport Art Festival, Kansas City, MO

Northland Exposure Artists Gallery, Weston, MO

Cathy Kline Art Gallery, Cathy Kline Art Gallery

University of Central Missouri, Warrensburg, MO






Santa Fe Trail Impressions

Figure Paintings

Santa Fe Trail Map

Traveling the Santa Fe Trail

In 2012 I took a trip on the Santa Fe Trail. I started in Overland Park, KS  where ruts from the trail can still be seen to the end of the trail at the Church in the downtown square in Santa Fe, NM. I took the Northern Mountain Branch Trail out and the Southern Cimmaron Cutoff back. The settlers had a much flatter route to the south, but the mountains were much more scenic. I took reference photos as the trip was limited in time so I could not stop and paint. I reconstructed the images and made impressionistic paintings relying on my memory of the color and vast space of the trip when I got home in my studio. The color in New Mexico is very soft and pastel. At one point in the trip I had to get out of the car just to touch the hazy view out my window to see if it wasn't a painting. No oil pigment can  match the color I extended my hand into, it was unlike anything I ever saw in nature. But it was also a most desolate traveling of a hundred miles and not seeing anything but the dry land.

Painting the Trail

I took photographs for reference  during the trip through Kansas, Colorado, New Mexico, and Oklahoma. My trip was on highways near the original trail. When I returned I began painting the routes I traveled  now 142 years after the trail was closed.  I relied on my photos and memory to make the paintings. I also took liberty to impose my own thoughts about the scenes to record my impressions. The paintings are done in a way to enhance and preserve the emotions of the trip. The paintings are more commentary about what life is like now. I am not finished making paintings. This is just two years of work so far.


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